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Custom Wear Liner Plate & Hardfacing Welding Wire

Wear plates are the most important parts for many machinery. It acts as a wear & tear parts to prevent the abrasion particles damage the main body Transfer load between the plate and counterparts and perform low friction under linear movement. Types of wear liner plates: Wear liner plates are divided into 2 big family. It depends on its function whether it is for abrasion resistance used or sliding purpose.

- Wear /liner plate for abrasion resistance There are some plates that is used for abrasion resistance application. It is typically used for mining, cement, ceramic, glass, steel mills and other abrasive resistance required industry. This wear liner plates are divided into 3 category as follow:
1. Chromium cast steel Chromium cast steel is made of high chromium content (approx. 15%), makes this plate is resistant to abrasive environment.
2. Quench & tempered (QT) plates QT plates is single metal that is made of Nickel/ chromium/manganese based alloys. The hardness vary form 40-65HRC depends on the grade. Why our QT Plates? -various material from standard QT plates to super hard QT plates with macro and micro hardness to 600Hv. -custom design and machining Foto “05”
3. Hardfacing weld overlay liner plates Hardfacing weld overlay liner plates is made of 2 metal, upper and lower. Upper part is made of hard weld overlay Cr, Ni, Fe mixture that has high hardness up to 65HRC and lower part is made of high tensile steel alloy. The plate thickness can be customize according to the design itself.

Industry and application:
• Cement plant Crushers : Blades, Hammer crusher, Grinding path liner, etc Raw mill : guidevane, liners, diaphragm plate, shovel Kiln : Nose ring, Brick retainer block, cylindrical support, segment plates. Finish mill : Feed liners, grate segment plates, liner segments Packer : Hanger bearing plate
• Mining Container liner plates Side liner plates Bucket and shovel liner plates
• Powerplant Segment plates, liner plates, Roller tire and deflector liners
• Ceramic/Marble/Granite plant Hammer impact mills, cap screw, grinding mills and custom moon liners
• Steel mills Scraper liner plates, scrap body liners, bucket liners - Wear liner plate for sliding purpose Wear liner for sliding purpose made of low friction material. It vary from metal and non-metallic material depends on the application used. We over more than 100+ material available to suit your application.

Industry and application:
• Steel mills
• Manufacturing
• Construction
• Marine/offshore Other custom plate for other purpose is available upon request.

Hardfacing Weding Wire :


-Hardness 55-62HRC
- Description : Highly abrasion resistant chromium carbide deposit Combination of primary and eutectic chromium carbides in tough matrix. Specially developed for one(I) layer with Chrome and C.
- Applications : Design of high performance composite parts, mineral conveying equipment, Classifier Guide Vane, Blade, Mill Body Liner, Protection Cone, Dam Ring etc.


- Hardness 62-67HRC
- Temperature:500-650°C
- Description      :The weld deposit characteristics include a matrix having a fine grain size, small evenly dispersed chromium carbide within the matrix.
-Applications      : Raw Material Feeding Chute, Conveyor Fully, dredger, pumps, mixers and riddle plates.

-Hardness 60-64HRC
-Temperature 500-650°C
-Description       : High concentration of complex chromium carbide Very good wear resistance to fine abrasive particles of high hardness
-Applications      :Vertical Crushers, armor ring of conveyors for coal, clinker and glass.

-Hardness 64-67HRC -Temperature 650-800°C
-Description       : Highly-alloyed super complex chromium carbides Resists combined abrasion and impacts at high temperature.
-Applications      : Riddling, blast furnace hoppers, extractor fans

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