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Project Description

High Quality Worm Drive Unit (Worm Gear & Worm Shaft)

Worm drive is a gear and shaft arrangement to transfer the linear movement to rotation movement or otherwise. It is typically use to transfer high load and has been applied in many different industries.

There are many worm gear and worm shaft available in the market nowadays, but very rare that has good and durable quality. Most of the worm gear teeth easily worn off, crack on the bronze worm gear body/teeth or damage on the worm shaft (see below photo).

PT Raja Teknik Aditama provide high quality and durable worm drive unit. Why choose us?

1. Our bronze alloy is casted specially for worm gear usage. The porosity is none and the solidity of the material is outstanding performance.

2. Our steel alloy for worm shaft is made though tight quality control check with consistent heat treatment  process.

3. Custom made: worm gear & shaft diameter up to 2000mm is available


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