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Sugar & Agriculture

Sugar and agriculture industry play the important role in Indonesia economy. Sugar mills requires a high sugar-resistant parts as well as high durability and performance Hence, the parts should be designed and produce well in order to withstand the “abrasive” of sugar water, as well as heat and wear. We design, manufacture and supply the following parts for sugar mills.

- Metal bronze top & bottom roll
We design the better bronze alloy mixture and processing to ensure the increase of metal load, rotation and lubrication effectiveness.

- Shaft roll
Shaft roll is the most important parts. The material alloy, heat treatment and design are the most important factor to ensure the long lasting performance. We offer forged shaft with various heat treatment options like carburizing, induction hardened and special plasma hardening treatment as well as surface coatings.

- Bearings and housing bearings
We carry RBA® custom-made bearings, the only well known brand in Indonesia that carry custom made bearing to enhance machine performance and efficiency. Together with our partner, we custom housing bearings and bearings for sugar mills application

- Other parts
Other parts like pin, tooth, bushings, gears are available upon request

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