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Cement & Ceramic

Cement plant environment is abrasive environment when direct or indirect cement contact with metal/plastic parts can easily wear off the parts. Parts requires not only hardness but also able to withstand heat and load for some area. RTA provides those three criteria and we also support innovative. Material that gives MAINTENANCE-FREE solutions for pin, bushings or even liner plates. All 100% custom according to your requirement.

Our specialty products for cement plants
- Super high abrasive maintenance-free steel alloy with special heat treatment (min. 600HV micro hardness)
- Tungsten carbide and Silicon Carbide parts
- Hardfacing weld overlay plates (5+5; 6+6; 10+10; 12+12, etc)
- Hardfacing welding wire (min. 58HRC)
- High abrasive resistance fiber woven fabric composite parts
- Wear plate and liners with high Cr content

Ceramic in other hand, also require high temperature resistance and abrasive resistance, makes not all metal parts can survive! RTA has experience with high temperature and abrasive parts that will make your productivity increase by minimizing the part maintenance or replacement downtime.

Our specialty products for ceramic plants
- High temperature resistance steel bushing/bearing housings
- High temperature and abrasive resistance oven conveyor bearings
- High temperature and abrasive resistance plates for hydraulic pressing machine
- custom seals for painting/coating section machine

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