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Custom Wear Liner Plate & Hardfacing Welding Wire

              Wear liner plates consists of 2 different metal alloy. The upper layer is made if hardfacing material ranging from 58-65HRC hardness level with various thickness and direction available. The base metal is made of steel alloy that supports and bond perfectly with the hardfacing layer.
The material content, hardness consistency and welding method is the most important factor to make sure the hardfacing layer will be evenly hardened.
The hardfacing wear liner is the most economical material for abrasive resistance plates, however there are some other high performance Q/T + hardened wear plate that could enhance the abrasive resistance performance.
Our Hardfacing welding wire grade   :
              It is wear resistance , austenitic and very resistance to abrasion
              Hardness level               : 58-62HRC (Min. 3 layer weld)
              Chemical content (min. 3 layer weld)
              C            : 5.0 – 5.5%
              Cr          : 26-29%
              Mn        : 1.0 -1.5%
              Si           : 0.8-1.5%
              Mo        : 1.0-1.3%

              Finely dispersed hard carbide with has more abrasion and wear resistance
              Hardness level                 : 60-65HRC (Min. 3 layer weld)
              C            : 5.0 – 5.5%
              Cr          : 21-23.5%
              Mn        : 0.5 -1.0%
              Si           : 0.8-1.5%

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