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Custom Housing, Bearings, Seals & Shaft System

Housing, bearings, seals and shaft are the most critical parts for any mechanism. These 4 components play the most important parts for any rotating, radial and linear movement. We are able to provide custom made Housing, Bearing and shaft as well as the best fitting (shrink fit or clearance fit) to suit for specific application. What we custom?

Housing : Material & processing and design engineering (More than 30 materials available for you to choose from cast iron, cast steel, ductile iron, solid steel, stainless steel) Bearing : Material, types and design engineering (Various type of rolling, rod ends and plain bearings, heavy maintenance or maintenance free types available)

Seals : material, types and shape. (Various rod/shaft seals, wiper seals, o-rings with High performance and standard PU/HPU, etc)

Shaft/pins : Material & processing and design engineering ( Forged shaft with various materials ranging from steel, stainless steel, duplex, inconel with various heat treatment options and finishing) Capability : up to 1000mm shaft diameter and 3000mm housing diameter.

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